Denmon’S is a family-run, independent business with its flagship store based in Bath. We are proud of our incredible reputation for high-quality shoe repairs. In 2020 the business made the decision to open up its repair services so that others may benefit, by creating a unique online service.

As a result, wherever you are in the UK, you can access the team at Denmon’S with just a few clicks.

Our experience dates back to the 1970’s when the founder of Denmon’S cut leather in London and constructed high-end shoes. Since then, he has become a complete craftsman who is dedicated to building an equally skilled team of repairers around him.

Our professional training and development programme for junior team members ensures that the highest quality and standards are maintained. These are the principles that Denmon’S has been built on, and we never compromise on quality.


One of the reasons we have invested in helping more people access our highly-skilled shoe repair service is due to the huge environmental benefits.

Throwing old shoes away is having a devastating impact on the environment.

According to the charity Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development (TRAID) 90% of shoes end up in landfill, some of which will be there for 1,000 years!

300,000,000 pairs of shoes discarded each year means that landfills are inundated with shoes (Wasteaway Group ).

Therefore, we should all think about increasing the lifetime of our shoes; and repairing your shoes is one of the best and most satisfying ways to help halt the alarming trends.

This is where Denmon’S come in – we are passionate about shoe repairs and its undoubted benefit to the environment; so creating an easily and more widely accessible service made perfect sense to us. After all, shoes that are worth wearing are worth repairing!